Life in Spain without worries for only 0,82€ per day.

  • Do you want to spend vacation with no worries?
  • You can non adapt to the new conditions after the purchase of property?
  • Do you have any questions you can not solve by yourself?

For your comfort we provide service Concierge service " Alegria " .

Our new service - is your personal assistant , we are ready to take care of all your problems and requests . We quickly , effectively and efficiently for you do something that previously had to spend personal time , plan the best way your stay and help with any problems , if you have chosen our city for permanent residence.

We can help resolve any situation just 0,82 € per day , from everyday issues and finishing with legal support . Your request will be carried out in the shortest time , you will be offered the best options for the most advantageous price.

To obtain any information about consierge service «Alegria»  you can call us 

+34 695 826 428
+7 499 918 7142
Or contact via email. [email protected]

Our many years of experience working with clients guarantees complete privacy and a unique approach to each . Company " Alegria " will provide transport for urgent and operational issues

Алегрия консьерж сервис включает в себя следующие услуги:

Family program

Discounts on transfers, meeting at the airport, w / e and bus stations . Assistance in the selection of kindergarten, school, language courses, sports facilities and in camp. Free search assistance and tutoring services and private teachers; selection of the veterinary clinic , also hotels for pets. Taxi , ambulance, police. Consultation on admission to the university and higher education . And much more.

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Travel Program

The urgent issue of visas : tourist , by invitation, for property owners , and business training . Booking and purchase of air and w / e and bus tickets , hotels. Discounts on sightseeing tours, rental cars and yachts. And much more.

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Program health and beauty.

Free assistance and search for beauty salons , Spa, fitness center, clubs and nutritionists . Assistance in the selection of clinics and treatment programs. Organization of departure of the patient to be treated in Spain. And much more.

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Transportation program

Assistance in purchasing and car insurance. Providing the car with or without driver with an discount. And much more.

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Program of law support

Free individual consultation on all matters . Free help in the discovery and monitoring of bank accounts. Assist in the translation of documents , certificates, and real estate documents . And much more.

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